The System Is Corrupt!

Corruption Man is the eternal optimist. However, he also understands that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Our government has been overtaken by corrupt, self-serving, narcissistic, arrogant, selfish, individuals who don't give a shit about the common man. Corruption Man believes that the only way to clean up Washington DC is to shine a light on the corruption and watch the cockroaches flee. If you have an inside scoop on favoritism, cronyism, or any other type of unethical behavior plaguing our country please contact me. With your help, Corruption Man can make a difference!

How Corruption Man Started

Corruption Man was drinking coffee at a diner and overheard a business owner bragging to a friend. His company was audited by the state government. Instead of having to pay the taxes he gypt the state out of he just called his local state representative. He told the representative his plight and then offered to make a $5,000 contribution to the politician's campaign. The politician "made the audit go away". Corruption man believes in a level playing field. When an individual or company receives preferential treatment it hurts America's economic system. Competition benefits society as a whole. When true competition isn't allowed to thrive the common man pays the price.

DO you know about corruption?

If you have witnessed, suffered, or benefited from cronyism, corruption, or favoritism please contact me. Let me tell you story. I will never ask for you name or any other identifying information. You identity is safe with me. Help me instill the fear of God in our corrupt system and bring some of these corrupt politicians to their knees!